Slave Lake family receives opportunity of a lifetime!

SLAVE LAKE, ALBERTA – A local family of four received keys to their newly built Habitat for Humanity home in Slave Lake. This home is the fourth home built to help local families. The new homeowners, Blessing, Florence, and their children, are grateful for the opportunity to have a fresh start and to build equity with every mortgage payment.

The Town of Slave Lake has been a tremendous supporter of Habitat since the charity began serving families in the town in 2013.

“Seeing a deserving family move into the fourth Habitat home in Slave Lake is such a rewarding experience for our community, and we are so excited for this family,” said Tyler Warman, Mayor of Slave Lake. “To know that our community is working hard to find ways to provide housing for all our citizens is something to be celebrated.”

The Slave Lake build came under the guidance of Habitat for Humanity Edmonton.

“We are so blessed to be able to help our fourth family in Slave Lake,” said Karen Stone, President & CEO. “We know that this Habitat home will be a place where Blessing, Florence and their children can make lasting memories and benefit tremendously from the stability of an affordable mortgage.”

Habitat families purchase the home from Habitat with a down payment of 500 sweat equity hours. Their mortgage payments never exceed 25 percent of their gross household income.