Post Secondary Volunteer Challenge – First Semester Winners!

We are very excited to support the Post Secondary Volunteer Challenge initiative that was brought forward by the Students for Habitat Club at the U of A. These brave souls ventured where none had gone before, throwing down the gauntlet, daring other post-secondary institutions to beat them in volunteer hours accumulated over the first semester. Several schools picked that gauntlet up, which made for an exciting race! We have reviewed the stats, added up the hours and have an announcement to make!
…. drum roll ….
The winner of our Post-Secondary Challenge for the Fall 2020 Semester is:
The University of Alberta!
Coming in with a very CLOSE second place is:
Concordia University of Edmonton
And third place is:
Grant McEwan University
All of the schools will receive a certificate for their participation and the first place winners a small prize of appreciation along with bragging rights of course! Ultimately the biggest prize is that all participants have helped us to support the dream of affordable home ownership. We thank everyone involved and hope to have a tight race once again for the second semester!