Pacesetter Homes, a Qualico company, presented a family with keys to the first-ever Habitat home in Devon.

Devon, Alberta – Luke, Kaliska, and her four children proudly received keys to their Habitat home in Devon, the first-ever Habitat home in the community. The home ownership opportunity was made possible through a generous donation by Pacesetter Homes, a Qualico company. This home was the sixth home donation to come through a Qualico company since the beginning of the Habitat Day in the Capital Region initiative.

“Pacesetter Homes, with support from its parent company Qualico, is honored to be providing a new home to a well deserving family,” said Lloyd Dumonceaux, Vice President, Pacesetter Homes. “The opportunity to give back to the community through Habitat for Humanity is very special to our company and to our staff. It is an wonderful feeling knowing that the assistance provided today will positively impact an entire family’s future. It is also extraordinary to have a family move into one of our beautiful Pacesetter homes in the South Ravines of Devon, a Qualico neighborhood.”

We look forward to welcoming this new Habitat family and are excited to give them a place that will become their new home. “Habitat is overjoyed to extend our affordable home ownership program into the community of Devon,” said Karen Stone, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “We are indebted to Pacesetter Homes, Qualico, and the Leduc Regional Housing Foundation for making this home a reality. Now Luke and Kaliska and their children have the potential now for a successful future with a solid home foundation.”

It takes many community partners to make affordable home ownership accessible to our communities. The Government of Alberta has been a strong supporter of Habitat since 2005, and has made it possible for many Albertans to access affordable home ownership through the Habitat program.

This home is the first-ever Habitat home in the Town of Devon. It is a proud day for the community.

“I am very excited to see Devon becoming a part of the Habitat for Humanity program with this new affordable housing opportunity,” said Mayor Ray Ralph, Town of Devon. “I was the Town of Devon’s board representative on the Leduc Regional Housing Foundation when we as a board made the decision to work with this group to open up affordable housing opportunities for our residents and it’s amazing to see this come around full circle to benefit the region.”

The Leduc Regional Housing Foundation also was a major donor toward this home and many other Habitat initiatives in Leduc County.

“Leduc Regional Housing Foundation is very excited to have another partnership with Habitat for Humanity and a local builder, Pacesetter Homes, come to fruition in the Leduc Region,” said Kelly-Lynn Lewis, Vice-Chair, Leduc Regional Housing Foundation. “We are thrilled that our fifth partnership with Habitat for Humanity has resulted in an affordable home ownership opportunity for a family in the Town of Devon.”

Habitat thanks Pacesetter Homes, Qualico, and the Leduc Regional Housing Foundation for supporting this Habitat for Humanity project. Their generosity will help Luke and Kaliska and their family to achieve strength, stability, and independence through affordable home ownership.