Press Releases

Dec 15, 2016: Nine families become homeowners during completion of the largest Habitat Build in Canadian History!

Oct 3, 2016: Habitat for Humanity Edmonton to participate in Carter Work Project.

Sep 29, 2016: Pacesetter Homes transforms the future for a local family by donating a home to Habitat for Humanity.

Sep 23, 2016: Six families become Habitat homeowners in the largest Habitat Build in Canadian History!

Sep 22, 2016: A local family becomes homeowners as Landmark Group donates sixth home since 2011.

Aug 18, 2016: Local family receives key to new Habitat home donated by Daytona Homes.

June 13, 2016: Cold Lake’s Habitat for Humanity committee celebrates the beginning of a promising future for local families.

Apr 20, 2016: Three local home builders generously step up for the 6th Annual Habitat Day in the Capital Region. (335.9 KB)

Feb 9, 2016: Family receives keys to a home of their own through Habitat for Humanity renovation project. (322.0 KB)

Dec 17, 2015: Home for the holidays! Nine local families receive keys to their new homes days before Christmas. (399.9 KB)

Dec 14, 2015: Two Hinton families receive a “hand up” during the holidays. (338.6 KB)

Oct 29, 2015: Habitat for Humanity welcomes home nine families into the largest Habitat build in Canadian history. (411.4 KB)

Aug 24: Two families proudly hold keys to first ever Habitat for Humanity homes in Slave Lake. (388.9 KB)

August 17, 2015: Habitat empowers another family in Strathcona County with help from Landmark Group of Companies. (425.3 KB)

July 30, 2015: Six families’ dreams come true at the largest Habitat for Humanity build in Canada. (353.8 KB)

Apr 18, 2015: All Weather Windows holds 4th Annual Window Blitz in support of Habitat for Humanity. (40.2 KB)

Apr 13, 2015: Students celebrate alongside Habitat for Humanity as two families in Fairview receive keys to their Habitat homes. (72.8 KB)

Dec 22, 2014: Two families receive keys to the first ever Habitat for Humanity homes in Fairview. (72.9 KB)

Dec 19, 2014: It’s Ho-Ho-Home for the holidays for nine families in the largest Habitat build in Canadian history. (72.8 KB)

Dec 18, 2014: Stony Plain family will be home for the holidays in home made possible by Sterling Homes and Habitat for Humanity.(73.5 KB)

Nov 26, 2014: Dolce Vita Homes in partnership with Beaverbrook Developments donates home to Habitat for Humanity for second consecutive year. (74.1 KB)

Nov 26, 2014: Habitat Day co-founder, Christenson Developments, hands over keys to a family for the fifth time in as many years.(72.8 KB)

Nov 12, 2014: Historic sustainable housing partnership between Habitat for Humanity, Alberta and Kikino Metis Settlement. (74.5 KB)

Oct 29, 2014: Aboriginal families receive keys as Habitat and Metis Capital Housing complete second successful partnership. (73.6 KB)

Sep 24, 2014: Home is now a reality for 16 Edmonton families in the largest Habitat for Humanity build in Canadian history. (100.8 KB)

Aug 27, 2014: Habitat partners again with Metis Capital Housing Corporation to bring homeownership opportunities to Aboriginal families. (75.1 KB)

July 8, 2014: Slave Lake Habitat Build receives a hand up from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (70.5 KB)

July 3, 2014: For the fifth consecutive year, Philanthropist Reza Nasseri of Landmark Group supports a deserving family. (75.4 KB)

June 3, 2014: Habitat kicks off first ever build in Slave Lake! (72.2 KB)

May 28, 2014: Family of seven opens doors to their new home and future. (75.5 KB)

May 26, 2014: Habitat for Humanity breaks ground for second time in Hinton! (71.3 KB)

April 24, 2014: Generous home builders announce support of Habitat – five homes pledged to help capital region families. (33.2 KB)

April 15, 2014: Grande Prairie students present ginormous cheque to Habitat for Humanity. (67.1 KB)

April 8, 2014: Brookfield Residential donates new home to wonderful family with six boys. (42.2 KB)

Dec 16, 2013: Family home for the holidays thanks to Tristate Signature Homes and Habitat for Humanity! (42.3 KB)

Dec 10, 2013: Successful pilot project brings home ownership to a Metis Settlement – first time in Canadian history. (48.0 KB)

Nov 18, 2013: Homeownership becomes a reality for a well-deserving family thanks to Pacesetter Homes in partnership with Qualico. (42.2 KB)

Nov 2, 2013: Habitat for Humanity proudly opens new ReStore in West Edmonton! (28.8 KB)

Oct 26, 2013: The largest rural build in Canadian history completes as 15 families receive keys to their new homes. (28.5 KB)