Become a Habitat Homeowner

*We currently do not have any home ownership opportunities available in Edmonton. Please check back on the first two business days of October. Thank you.


Habitat for Humanity Edmonton believes that home ownership brings stability, safety, and self-reliance.

Habitat homes are built by volunteers and donors and sold to qualified families. Habitat holds an affordable mortgage to ensure families pay no more than 25 percent of their income for housing. If you are a hard-working family who would like to own your own home, the Habitat program may be for you.

In keeping with our philosophy of providing a “hand up, not a handout,” we help families who meet the following criteria:


  • Families must have children under age 18 living at home.
  • Their current housing is substandard, does not meet their needs, or they would otherwise be unable to purchase a home.
  • They must be citizens or permanent residents of Canada (all family members must be living in Canada).
  • They must be residents of Edmonton (or the community where we are building the home) for one year.
  • The Habitat program is intended for families who have not previously owned a home.

Ability to Pay

  • Gross family income between $35,000 and $65,000* annually in order to carry the mortgage. *Range may vary in different communities.  
  • At least one adult employed full-time year round.
  • Good credit rating.
  • Balance between debt and income.
  • If a family has experienced bankruptcy, they must have been discharged for two years

Willingness to Partner

  • Families agree to volunteer 500 hours at a Habitat build site or ReStore.
  • They agree to keep home and yard in good condition.
  • They agree to follow all Habitat for Humanity Edmonton policies.

The Application Process

The below process is for Edmonton ONLY. Please click here for home ownership opportunities OUTSIDE of the City of Edmonton.



Proud to be partnering with Habitat!

“Habitat for Humanity answered my prayers. My family now has a bright future which not only includes a beautiful safe home but education and retirement funds both of which were just a dream until Habitat because now I am building equity with each payment. Habitat sets you up to succeed being a home owner with all of their workshops. They really stand beside you because your success is their success.  I am proud to partner with Habitat and all of the amazing people who work and volunteer with them.  I have been blessed beyond measure.” ~ Pam

Bright future

“Without Habitat for Humanity, we never thought we would be able to give our children a home. And doing the sweat equity, we learned new skills – and made new friends! Habitat has changed our life. Because of Habitat for Humanity, today we are home owners and we can see the bright future of children.” ~ Tsehaye and Birhanawit

Building equity

“It was a lot of work doing the 500 hours of sweat equity – but it was worth it! What a great difference for our family to take on the responsibility of owning our own home, rather than just renting!” ~ Jason and Erin

Building community with my neighbours

“I was so ecstatic upon the news of being approved for Habitat for Humanity. To me this means a safe home for my children; a place they can grow up with community. While I was working towards my sweat equity hours I got to know some really amazing people and, what was even better, was that I got to work with my neighbors and get to know my community even better. A wonderful program with wonderful people. Truly blessed. Thank you Habitat! ~ Destiny

Dreams come true!

“One of my dreams as a little girl was to own my own home when I got older and to have a family of my own. Habitat for Humanity has helped me and my family bring that dream to pass and to carry on a legacy for the future our kids! ~ Lisa

Forever thankful

“We will be forever thankful for this program and to the Habitat for Humanity people. Habitat for Humanity forever changed our lives! Not only did Habitat give us a home, but they also gave us peace of mind, financial freedom, and a brighter future for our kids!” ~ Jay & Vey

Hard work brings a sense of accomplishment

“Habitat for Humanity has proved to me that there is hope for us all – becoming a homeowner is a great accomplishment!  With hard work by Habitat and partner families homeownership becomes a reality! Thanks for providing us with a lifetime of memories.” ~ Shelly