HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Kikino Metis Settlement Partnership

Historic sustainable housing partnership between Habitat for Humanity, Alberta and Kikino Metis Settlement.

Edmonton, Alberta – Habitat for Humanity, the Government of Alberta and the Kikino Metis Settlement had reason to be excited as they signed the M.O.U. to kick off the Habitat build with Associate Minister David Dorward on hand to announce the project. The Sustainable Housing Partnership will help families become homeowners on the Kikino Metis Settlement through Habitat for Humanity’s affordable home ownership program. Habitat’s program empowers qualified families to build equity in their own home through an interest-free mortgage in which payments are never more than 25 percent of their household income. Habitat staff, local volunteers and partner families have begun the construction of two duplexes at the Kikino Metis Settlement.

The Government of Alberta has witnessed the reliability and sustainability of Habitat’s program for many, many years and has seen the success of a pilot home ownership project for eight families on the Elizabeth Metis Settlement. The Government will support pilot by partnering with the Metis Settlements General Council and Habitat for Humanity.

“I was very pleased to be here today to celebrate the important partnership between Habitat for Humanity Edmonton and Kikino Metis Settlement,” said David Dorward, Associate Minister of Aboriginal Relations. “Our government is pleased to help support projects like this through our Long Term Arrangements with Metis Settlements, to help build affordable and sustainable housing for families in these unique communities.”

The Metis Settlements General Council is confident that the Sustainable Housing Partnership will be successful and will make a tremendous difference for families living at the Kikino Metis Settlement. The Council is committed to improving their members’ access to affordable home ownership, and the success of the Habitat program on the Elizabeth Metis Settlement demonstrated that the Sustainable Housing Partnership is a step in the right direction.

“Safety and security starts at home,” said Stan Delorme, Vice-President, Metis Settlements General Council. “Providing safe, secure and affordable housing for Settlement Members is a fundamental part of creating long term sustainability in the Metis Settlements.”

“Habitat for Humanity was thrilled to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kikino Metis Settlement,” said Alfred Nikolai, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “I’m so pleased that four families will have the opportunity to build equity in their own home and future on the Settlement.”