HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Kerri’s Story

This was written by Kerri before she and her son moved into Neufeld Landing. They received their keys on December 17, 2015.

My name is Kerri and my son Caleb and I are one of the partner families that will be living at Neufeld Landing.

Home ownership was something that was never on my radar until one day I received a call from my sister. She had been volunteering at a Habitat build site out in Edson as a volunteer. She got asking questions and discovered that I met the qualifications to be able to apply for the program. It took me a little while to get the guts to call…I was convinced that I wouldn’t get a home so imagine my sheer joy when the answer was yes!

The day we were accepted I drove with Caleb out to the build site to show him that we were getting a house built. I walked around with him and I could see our future, I could see him growing up. I could see my grandchildren coming to visit. Later that night after Caleb was asleep I sat and cried thinking about us having a forever home. MY family moved a lot when I was growing up and I have moved several times as an adult so now knowing that we had one move ahead of us and that we never had to move again was overwhelming!

I believe that a big part of helping Caleb to grow and thrive is to provide him with a safe, healthy, stable and happy home! There are very few children in our current neighbourhood and as such the parks remain quiet when we venture out. I wish for us to be surrounded with families who are like us, families looking for a brighter future for our children. I longed for Caleb to have playmates next door, other moms and dads that I could visit with as our children laugh and play, to truly be a part of a community! All of those dreams are becoming a reality thanks to the home ownership program.

But more than that Habitat for Humanity truly gives a hand up to the families. Yes we get the opportunity to buy a home but we also get classes in budgeting, we will be taught home maintenance, we gain incredible skills and experience through the sweat equity program. Since beginning my hours I have mastered building stairs and answering phones, learned how to insulate, have amazing painting and trim skills but more importantly I am building relationships. Relationships with the amazing habitat staff that we work alongside of each and every shift but more importantly with my future neighbours. Our friendships are forming, our dreams are being shared, and our community is already being built from the ground up just like our homes.