HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Christenson and Landmark gift more homes to support Habitat families.

Edmonton, AB — Joy was evident in the faces of the two local families who received keys to their new Habitat for Humanity homes courtesy of Landmark Group and Christenson Developments. The home builders pledged the homes to Habitat during Habitat Day in the Capital Region this past April. This ‘hand up’ will enable the families to provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for their children, and to build equity in a home.

“This is a joyous day for Habitat for Humanity Edmonton,” said Alfred Nikolai, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “We celebrate every time a family in our program earns the keys to their new home. We know home ownership has a positive impact on their family, yes, but it also has a ripple effect throughout their community.”

And because of the positive impact on families and community, Habitat continues to gain supporters. The Government of Alberta is one supporter who has invested in Habitat’s sustainable program.

“Our government is committed to affordable housing for families and has proudly partnered with Habitat for Humanity since 2006 to build nearly 600 homes across the province,” said Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths. “Each project relies on hard work and support from the community, volunteers and private sector, and we thank everyone who contributed to the success of the Charlesworth build.”

As a founding member of Habitat Day in the Capital Region, Greg Christenson of Christenson Developments has been a strong advocate of the Habitat program over the past four years. Christenson Developments has now donated four homes to Habitat for Humanity.

“I’m pleased to be helping another working family in a new community in Edmonton,” said Greg Christenson, President of Christenson Developments. “I’m proud to be part of Habitat for Humanity in partnership with Landmark Group of Builders.”

Also a founding member of Habitat Day, Reza Nasseri, President & CEO of Landmark Group of Builders, has donated four homes through Habitat Day in the Capital Region. He is convinced that affordable home ownership is necessary for families in our community.

“Landmark Group is an ongoing supporter of Habitat for Humanity and is pleased to provide our fourth house to a hard working family in the Capital Region,” said Reza Nasseri, President & CEO, Landmark Group of Builders. “Each year we look forward to watching the excitement of the family as they receive the keys to their new home – it’s a very rewarding experience.”

Habitat is grateful to Landmark Group of Builders, Christenson Developments and the Government of Alberta for making affordable homeownership a reality through the Habitat program. Habitat families certainly thrive in their new homes, and our program continues to grow as we serve an increasing number of families in our capital region communities.