HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Brookfield Residential donates new home to wonderful family with six boys.

Edmonton, AB – Bashir and Fouzia were grateful to receive a “hand up” from Brookfield Residential as they were presented keys to their beautiful Habitat home in Edmonton’s Edgemont community. The couple will now be able to provide a promising future for themselves and their six sons. The home was pledged by Brookfield Residential during the fourth annual Habitat Day in the Capital Region.

“Bashir, Fouzia and their boys are now able to plan their future instead of just dream about it,” said Alfred Nikolai, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “When a generous company like Brookfield commits strengthening the communities where they live and work, it causes a ripple effect that touches many, many people. Others begin to ask themselves, ‘How can we better our community? How can we make it a place where dreams are realized?’ This is the significance of what Brookfield has accomplished.”

The Government of Alberta has supported Habitat’s sustainable program for many years and continues to champion affordable housing across Alberta.

“Making sure families can obtain affordable housing is a top priority for our government, which has proudly supported Habitat for Humanity to build nearly 600 home across the province,” said Municipal Affairs Minister Ken Hughes. “We rely on strong partnerships to support our affordable housing programs, and Habitat for Humanity and Brookfield Residential are to be congratulated for strengthening the Edgemont community and bringing home ownership to this family.”

Brookfield Residential has demonstrated the importance of giving back to the community in a way that will benefit families and communities years down the road.

“Brookfield Residential is honoured to have been part of providing Bashir, Fouzia and their beautiful boys with a new Habitat home. At Brookfield, our company believes in the spirit of community. We are very proud of our employees’ hard work in creating a place for Bashir and Fouzia to raise their family, and lead a happy, healthy life,” said Louise Gibson, Vice President, Operations, Brookfield Residential. “We would like to congratulate everyone involved in this project for making Edmonton one of the best cities to call home.”

Habitat for Humanity is grateful to Brookfield Residential for investing in the lives of families through the Habitat program. Their contribution will provide ongoing stability, equity and hope for a family. Since Habitat homes remain in the affordable housing pool, if a family decides to move on, the house is sold back to Habitat and another well-deserving family will be served. Brookfield’s contribution will serve families for years down the road.