Habitat Edmonton COVID-19 response.

At Habitat Edmonton the well-being and safety of our families is our utmost priority. Given the outbreak of COVID-19 in Alberta, we are doing all we can to support all the families in our program as we navigate through this crisis.

To provide certainty and peace of mind to those involved in the ongoing litigation, we will be extending their tenancy agreements for at least three months and will continue to offer mediation services in hopes of reaching an amicable resolution to retain all families within our program. Should additional extensions be required they will be considered as needed as the situation evolves, but we would not do anything that jeopardizes the health and safety of those we serve during this public health crisis.

These changes will also give more time for the families to consider their options and to avoid disruption during this public health crisis. We would like to stress that we continue to offer mediation to our partner families and continue to respond, as always, in good faith to achieve an amicable resolution to this matter, either a negotiated resolution or an answer to the legal questions that the plaintiffs have sought.

We are closely following the announcements made by the Alberta Government and public health authorities regarding COVID-19 and our response with respect to this issue will be guided by their recommendations.

We remain hopeful and optimistic that these families will come to realize the significant benefits of the new mortgage model that we are offering them and that they will return to the program of affordable home ownership. Our ultimate goal is to continue to serve Albertans by providing housing to families in need and our new mortgage model is critically needed to allow us to continue to do that.