We kicked off the 8th Annual Interfaith Works Project!

On March 5th, we kicked off the 8th Annual Interfaith Works Project at ReStore South. The project runs from March 5th until June 5th. We are empowering local faith communities to recruit 600 volunteers to help us build homes and volunteer in our Prefab Shop and in our ReStores. The Kick Off was an absolute blast and Habitat is thankful for all who were involved.


Four families receive keys to their Habitat for Humanity homes – only four homes left in 16 home Habitat development.

FORT SASKATCHEWAN (Oct. 18, 2018) – Four local families had been working hard over the past year and a half to earn the keys to their new Habitat homes. The families each put in 500 hours of sweat equity and will be paying an interest-free mortgage to Habitat with payments no more than 25 percent of their household income. The Habitat mortgage affords the families more disposable income for building a brighter future for their children.

“It’s encouraging to see how the community has rallied around this project,” said Karen Stone, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “Each family is now in a position to build equity with each mortgage payment they make. They no longer need to decide between paying the rent and buying winter clothing for their children. This is a huge win for the community as a whole.”

The Government of Alberta began partnering with Habitat in 2006 and continues to work toward a province where everyone has a safe and decent place to call home.

“I am proud of our government’s support for the Habitat for Humanity Carter Build,” said the Honourable Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing. “Providing safe, affordable housing for those who need it is part of creating an economy that works for everyone. To the four families who are moving in today: welcome home.”

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has 25 Habitat homes serving families in the community.

“It’s a pleasure to celebrate the dedication of four more homes from the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Habitat for Humanity build,” said Mayor Gale Katchur, City of Fort Saskatchewan. “On behalf of the community, it is truly a joy to see so many more people getting the hand up that they need and deserve.”

Habitat for Humanity thanks everyone involved in helping families gain access to affordable home ownership. The key presenters for these homes were Canadian Tire, Shell Canada, REALTORS® Community Foundation, and ladies who participated in Habitat’s 2018 Women Build.




Sterling Homes, in partnership with Qualico, presents a family with keys to their new Habitat home in Fort Saskatchewan.

FORT SASKATCHEWAN – Janelle and her sons proudly received keys to their Habitat home, the 21st Habitat home in Fort Saskatchewan. The home ownership opportunity was made possible through a generous donation by Sterling Homes, in partnership with Qualico, their third donation since the beginning of the Habitat Day in the Capital Region campaign.

“Sterling Homes believes that home ownership creates stability, independence and pride,” said Brent Bommes, General Manager, Sterling Homes”. “Sadly, this is often not attainable for lower income families. Giving back to the community that provides us with our livelihood is not only communally responsible, it creates good will as well as a positive corporate and community culture.”

“An affordable home is so integral to a family’s well-being,” said Karen Stone, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “I want to commend and thank the leadership at Sterling Homes and Qualico and all their staff who made it possible to provide Janelle and her sons with an opportunity to change their future through the security that stable housing provides.”

The Government of Alberta has been a strong supporter of Habitat since 2005, and has made it possible for many Albertans to access affordable home ownership through the Habitat program.

“Our Government is proud to support Habitat for Humanity,” said the Honourable Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing. “We share Habitat for Humanity’s belief that everyone should have a safe and affordable place to call home. This home dedication is not just symbolic, it is an important and exciting new start for a family. Welcome home.”

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has been a strong supporter of Habitat’s work in the community.

“It’s a pleasure to see another Habitat for Humanity home being dedicated in Fort Saskatchewan,” said Deputy Mayor Gordon Harris. “It’s especially wonderful to see Sterling Homes donating this house and proving they too are dedicated to helping local families get a hand up.”

Habitat thanks Sterling Homes, Qualico, and everyone involved in helping Janelle and her family to achieve strength, stability, and independence through affordable home ownership.




2018 Interfaith Works Project Wrap Up

We had a fantastic time at our Interfaith Works Project Wrap Up ceremony in conjunction with the Capital Region Interfaith Housing Initiative. A special thanks to the many faith communities who gave of their time to help families achieve strength, stability, and independence. In fact, over 300 volunteers had joined us to build homes in Edmonton! We are very grateful to be surrounded by so many generous faith communities. The Interfaith Works Project ran between February 28 – May 31.

Special thanks to the following guests for joining us for our closing ceremony:

  • Hon. Richard Feehan, Minister of Indigenous Relations & Deputy House Leader
  • David Shepherd, MLA for Edmonton-Centre
  • Denise Woollard, MLA for Edmonton-Mill Creek
  • Mike Nickel, Councillor, Ward 11, City of Edmonton
  • All of our amazing faith community leaders and participants in the 2018 Interfaith Works Project!

Here are a few photos from the ceremony:



2018 Volunteer Appreciation Event

On the evening of April 17, 2018, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton recognized the accomplishments of our volunteers in 2017. What a fantastic night! We are so grateful to all of our volunteers and their commitment to helping families achieve strength, stability, and independence through the Habitat program. Below is a list of the awards and a few photos of the evening.

Award Recipients

150+ Hours in 2017
Kristian Arnault
Bob Atlee
Ward Baskett
Joe Biggeman
Gerard (Gerry) Borle
Don Bottos
Allan Byer
Calvin Byers
Neil Calhoun
Ryan Caruso
Terry Chantler
Ron Chowne
Fred Coffey
Grant Croll
Trevor Scott Custance
Cynthia Davis
Tom De Beyer
David DeLisle
Mike DeLong
Rick Delorme
Jerry Derejko
Wayne Elsner
Hank Fast
Bernie Gerbrandt
Gary Gordey
Ellis Greenley
Ryan Gruzin
Darcy Hale
Wayne Hawker
Edwin Hernandez
Margolee Horn
Don Hutchings
Oscar Johnston
Peter Johnston
John Kendall
Norm Krahn
Jordan Krudys
Kristin Laplante
Cameron Leeworthy
Jim Lesjak
Oryssia Lennie
Manny Lila
Nazlin Lila
Jim Matheson
Ted McClung
Kathryn Morris
Ronald Muir
Orest Myckan
Don Neufeld
Lloyd Noga
Yvonne Prokop
Allan Radakovitch
Penny Radakovitch
Darcy Ratke
John Renfree
Len Rivers
Patrick Robertson
Ken Robinson
Karl Roessler
Greg Schoengut
Glenn Shanahan
Grant Sim
Bruce Sloychuk
Dave Taschuk
Shari Tymo
Max Vandersteen
David Wangler
Neil Watkins
Gerry White
Edgar Wierstra
Arthur Willis
Richard Wirges
Glenda Wyatt
Hugh Wyatt
Patrick Wylie
Janet Yoneda
Sam Yurkiw

3 Years of Service
Delia J Dixon
Grant Halliday
Norm Krahn
Allan Radakovitch
Anne Broomfield
Cory Tilitzky
Gerry Borle
Nathanael Smith
Penny Radakovitch
Wayne W. Hawker

5 Years of Volunteer Service
Lloyd Noga
Patrick Robertston

10 Years of Volunteer Service
Gerry White

15 Years of Volunteer Service
David Wangler

25 Years of Volunteer Service
Orest Myckan

Special Contribution Awards
Robin Hood Association
Sandra Rushton
St. George’s Anglican

Group Volunteer Award
Shell Canada

Chuck Ziegler ReStore Award of Excellence
Rick Delorme

Construction Award of Excellence
Oscar Johnston

Don Neufeld Outstanding Volunteer Award
Hank Fast

Global Village HopeBuilder
Joe Biggeman