HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Local family receives key to new Habitat home donated by Daytona Homes.

Edmonton, AB — For the second time, the incredibly generous Daytona Homes has handed over house keys to a fortunate and deserving family. Habiba and her son Abdul are moving into a townhome that is nestled in a beautiful development in Edmonton’s Ellerslie community. Daytona Homes pledged the home to Habitat during the sixth annual Habitat Day in the Capital Region.

“Moving into a new home, especially a first home, is something people never forget and I love that we can help make that happen for a Habitat family,” said Tally Hutchinson, President, Daytona Homes. “A house is the home base of everyone’s life, and it means a lot to me that Daytona Homes can help give a family the security of a home and get them started on their way to a very happy future. Being able to help out a deserving cause by sharing something we’ve worked so hard on definitely has a positive effect on everyone at Daytona. As a home builder, we believe it is our responsibility to help establish strong communities for families.”

Habitat homes are made possible by donors, volunteers and innovative partnerships. The Government of Alberta is a key partner of Habitat and has been a tremendous supporter of their sustainable home ownership program. Their support allows Habitat to provide more and more opportunities to hard working families.

“Housing is a basic human right and affordable housing does more than just provide families with a safe place to live,” said Rod Loyola, MLA for Edmonton – Ellerslie. “It provides essential opportunities that help pull people out of poverty and leads to an inclusive, beneficial participation in one’s community and society. It gives me great joy that we have organizations like Habitat for Humanity working to uphold this important human right.”

“The team at Daytona Homes is a great partner of Habitat for Humanity,” said Alfred Nikolai, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “This is the second home that Daytona has gifted to Habitat through the Habitat Day program, and the family receiving the keys will soon be stable, safe and self-reliant.”

Habitat relies on partnerships to serve families in need of affordable home ownership. Habitat homes are affordable because families pay an interest-free mortgage that is never more than 25 per cent of their household income. Partner families must invest 500 hours of “sweat equity” as the down payment for their home – this is why we call our program a “hand up,” not a handout.

HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Cold Lake Sod Turning 2016

Cold Lake’s Habitat for Humanity committee celebrates the beginning of a promising future for local families.

Cold Lake, AB — Habitat for Humanity supporters and volunteers celebrated the beginning of a new Habitat for Humanity project in Cold Lake. The local Habitat committee, Mayor Craig Copeland and many community leaders used ceremonial shovels to officially kick off the construction of the single family home.

“Habitat is all about serving families. Yes, we build houses, but our real focus is providing families with an opportunity to provide a bright future for their children,” said Alfred Nikolai, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “When families have an opportunity to save for the future, they are able to thrive and allocate finances towards their children’s sports and music activities and higher education. They are able to set a solid financial foundation for their children and generations to come.”
Habitat is not a stranger to the community of Cold Lake. There are currently 22 Habitat homes serving deserving families in the community. The City has been a huge proponent of affordable housing and Habitat’s unique home ownership program.
“Our city council has always seen the importance of having a wide variety of housing options in Cold Lake and we cannot thank the supporters of this project enough for helping to make that happen,” City of Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said. “Habitat for Humanity is building more than homes in Cold Lake: They are helping to build a strong, inclusive community.”
Habitat for Humanity homes are affordable because families pay an interest-free mortgage that is never more than 25 per cent of their income. Partner families must invest 500 hours of “sweat equity” as the down payment for their home. These home ownership opportunities are not possible without the support of dedicated volunteers, donors, and community partners. Habitat relies on partnerships to serve families in need of adequate housing.
Major supporters of the Cold Lake build to date are the Lakeland Catholic School District, ATB, CNRL and Lafarge.

HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Saturday donation pick up service offered by ReStore

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton ReStore is beginning a Saturday pick up service for donated materials on May 7. Customers have been requesting the service for a long time and ReStore is excited to now be able to offer the service for a small fee. Please note the following stipulations regarding Saturday pick-ups:

  • $25.00 is payable to ReStore upon booking with the Donations Coordinator.
  • Booking is available on a first come, first serve basis (limited spaces available).
  • The booking fee is refundable only if cancelled by 4:00 pm the THURSDAY before the scheduled Saturday.
  • All driver’s “Right of Refusal” rules still apply. There are no refunds on items that ReStore cannot accept.
  • There are no refunds for missed appointments (e.g. if a driver arrives and nobody is home).

To book a Saturday pick-up, please call our ReStore Donation Line at (780) 477-4057. Thank you for supporting ReStore!

HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Habitat Day 2016

Three local home builders generously step up for the 6th Annual Habitat Day in the Capital Region.

Edmonton, AB — Habitat for Humanity Edmonton celebrated the sixth annual Habitat Day in the Capital Region with special guests at the Delta Edmonton South. To date 28 homes have been pledged to the Habitat program by local home builders. This year homes were donated by Landmark Group of Builders, Pacesetter Homes Ltd., a Qualico Company, and Daytona Group.

“Capital Region residents are very fortunate to have unparalleled leadership in the housing sector,” said Alfred Nikolai, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “The generosity of our home builders has not been matched across the country. Every year our home building community steps up to announce their support of the Habitat program, and the fact that over 28 families have benefitted from the program is a testament to their commitment to the sustainability and success of our capital region communities.”

The purpose of Habitat Day in the Capital Region is to raise awareness of Habitat Edmonton’s work in the capital region. The Habitat program helps families enact generational change by providing affordable home ownership to hard-working families. Families pay an interest-free mortgage that is never more than 25 percent of their income, and each payment they build equity in their home. The Habitat program provides hope for a promising future and allows children the chance to enter adulthood with the tools necessary to succeed.

To date, over $7 Million in assets has been acquired by the Habitat program through Habitat Day in the Capital Region partnerships.

Habitat’s home ownership program would not be possible without the support of dedicated donors and volunteers. The sustainable Habitat program depends upon the generosity of forward-thinking community leaders and the participation of the community. The home builder community has been an integral part of Habitat’s success and has played a significant role in helping Habitat Edmonton become the largest Habitat affiliate in Canada.

About Habitat Day in the Capital Region
Habitat Day in the Capital Region is Habitat for Humanity Edmonton’s annual awareness campaign that celebrates the work of Habitat in our capital region communities. Each year, a group of capital region home builders makes a major announcement regarding their support of the Habitat program.

HfH Edmonton’s Blog: HFHE 2015 Volunteer Award Recipients

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton Volunteer Recognition Program
Award Recipients 2015

The Don Neufeld Outstanding Volunteer Award
The Don Neufeld Outstanding award was initiated in 2007 to honor Don Neufeld, who has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Edmonton since the early 90s. He has contributed over 16,000 hours in a variety of volunteer roles.

2015 recipient: Ken Caissie

Global Village Hopebuilder Award
2015 recipient: Sam Yurkiw

Group Volunteer of the Year Award
Awarded to a group who exemplifies support of Habitat’s vision and mission.

2015 recipient: Jatec

Construction Award of Excellence
This is an annual award given to a volunteer for above-and-beyond commitment to Habitat for Humanity Edmonton and his or her demonstration of excellence in construction.

2015 recipient: Dave Taschuk

ReStore Award of Excellence
This is an annual award given to a volunteer for above-and-beyond commitment to Habitat for Humanity Edmonton and his or her demonstration of excellence in our ReStores.

2015 recipient: Hank Fast

Special Contribution Awards
2015 recipients: Allan Radakovitch, Edgar Wierstra, Judy Paynter, Karen Hage, Kim Paynter, Lloyd Noga, Marianne Fink, Nick Malychuk, Penny Radakovitch

10 Years of Volunteer Service
2015 recipients: Bob Atlee, Hugh Wyatt, Jim Matheson, Oscar Johnston

5 Years of Volunteer Service
2015 recipients: Glenda Wyatt, Hazen Codner, John Kendall, Karen Holub, Malcolm Palmer, Mitch McLeod, Tom De Beyer

3 Years of Volunteer Service
2015 recipients: Diane Pelletier, Lloyd Noga, Patrick Robertson, Tulasha Bajgai

150+ Hours in One Year2015 recipients: Alice Linton, Allan Radakovitch, Bill McLellan, Bill Webb, Christopher Booth, Colin Campbell, Dave Taschuk, David Wangler, Deb LaFoy Caissie, Diane Pelletier, Don Neufeld, Douglas Yalte, Edgar Wierstra, Gaston Van Den Bosch, Gerard Borle, Gerry White, Glenda Wyatt, Hank Fast, Hazen Codner, Hugh Wyatt, James George, Jamie Read, Jan Mulligan, Jason Winacott, Jim Matheson, John Boeve, John Kendall, John Renfree, Judy Paynter, Jun Xu, Karla Fairbrother, Ken Gabrielson, Ken Caissie, Len Rivers, Lloyd Noga, Malcolm Palmer, Mary Kjorlien, Michelle Machan, Mitch MacLeod, Murray Cowan, Nathanael Smith, Neil Calhoun, Nicholas Morrish, Norm Krahn, Normand Berube, Orest Myckan, Oscar Johnston, Pat W. Bradshaw, Patrick Robertson, Penny Radakovitch, Peter Johnston, Rick Delorme, Ron Chowne, Sam Kelly, Sam Yurkiw, Samuel Kook, Shawna Yuan, Steve Holstead, Tamara O’Neil, Ted McClung, Terry Chantler, Tiziana Petricevic, Tom De Beyer, Wayne Pendrak, Wayne W. Hawker

HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Family receives keys to a home of their own through Habitat for Humanity renovation project.

Rocky Mountain House, AB — A local family received keys to a newly renovated Habitat for Humanity (HFH) home amidst volunteers, supporters and HFH staff. The project was spearheaded by a local committee who helped raise funds and renovate the home for a deserving family.

“We are so pleased and proud of what the local committee has accomplished here in Rocky,” said Alfred Nikolai, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “Right from the get-go the love, community spirit and enthusiasm to help families was present. The entire community should be proud of what has been accomplished here. We’re looking forward to being able to build homes for even more families in Rocky Mountain House.”

The HFH home in Rocky was initially made possible by the late Honourable Helen Hunley. One family has already benefitted from the home and has sold it back to HFH so that another family can now benefit. HFH homes are affordable because families pay an interest-free mortgage that is never more than 25 per cent of their income. However, these home ownership opportunities are not possible without the support of dedicated volunteers and donors. Habitat for Humanity relies on volunteers and partnerships to serve families in need of adequate housing, and is thrilled that residents and businesses in Rocky Mountain House have stepped up to make this project successful.

HFH thanks each and every member who has served on the Rocky HFH committee for their hard work, commitment and leadership in making Habitat for Humanity homes possible in the community of Rocky Mountain House.

HfH Edmonton’s Blog: Kerri’s Story

This was written by Kerri before she and her son moved into Neufeld Landing. They received their keys on December 17, 2015.

My name is Kerri and my son Caleb and I are one of the partner families that will be living at Neufeld Landing.

Home ownership was something that was never on my radar until one day I received a call from my sister. She had been volunteering at a Habitat build site out in Edson as a volunteer. She got asking questions and discovered that I met the qualifications to be able to apply for the program. It took me a little while to get the guts to call…I was convinced that I wouldn’t get a home so imagine my sheer joy when the answer was yes!

The day we were accepted I drove with Caleb out to the build site to show him that we were getting a house built. I walked around with him and I could see our future, I could see him growing up. I could see my grandchildren coming to visit. Later that night after Caleb was asleep I sat and cried thinking about us having a forever home. MY family moved a lot when I was growing up and I have moved several times as an adult so now knowing that we had one move ahead of us and that we never had to move again was overwhelming!

I believe that a big part of helping Caleb to grow and thrive is to provide him with a safe, healthy, stable and happy home! There are very few children in our current neighbourhood and as such the parks remain quiet when we venture out. I wish for us to be surrounded with families who are like us, families looking for a brighter future for our children. I longed for Caleb to have playmates next door, other moms and dads that I could visit with as our children laugh and play, to truly be a part of a community! All of those dreams are becoming a reality thanks to the home ownership program.

But more than that Habitat for Humanity truly gives a hand up to the families. Yes we get the opportunity to buy a home but we also get classes in budgeting, we will be taught home maintenance, we gain incredible skills and experience through the sweat equity program. Since beginning my hours I have mastered building stairs and answering phones, learned how to insulate, have amazing painting and trim skills but more importantly I am building relationships. Relationships with the amazing habitat staff that we work alongside of each and every shift but more importantly with my future neighbours. Our friendships are forming, our dreams are being shared, and our community is already being built from the ground up just like our homes.