Habitat for Humanity volunteer to receive a Citation Award in Community Service

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton is proud to announce that longtime Habitat volunteer, Orest Myckan, has been chosen to receive a “Citation Award in Community Service” in the City of Edmonton’s Salute to Excellence Awards. Orest has been a local volunteer of Habitat Edmonton since 1993, and has led over 30 Global Village Trips to build homes in developing countries. Congratulations, Orest. We are proud of you!



Former US president Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s legacy in Edmonton keeps growing as five more families become homeowners at Carter Place.

Carter Place, Edmonton – Five families in need became homeowners as they received keys to their Habitat for Humanity homes at Carter Place, a Habitat development in southeast Edmonton. When Carter Place is completed there will be 58 families living in the development with over 200 children between them. There are now 44 of the 58 families living in their homes.

“It’s always an honour to celebrate alongside families who have worked very hard to receive their keys,” said Karen Stone, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “Each of our families has contributed 500 volunteer hours instead of paying a traditional down payment, and they have also benefited from a multitude of courses to prepare them for home ownership such as basic home maintenance, tool training, budgeting, and insurance. Today we celebrate with them as they enter their new homes, as homeowners”

Access to affordable home ownership is an issue in communities across Alberta. Since 2005, the Government of Alberta has partnered with Habitat to help address this issue through the province.

“Today’s dedication is yet another example of Habitat for Humanity’s commitment to making affordable homeownership a reality for many deserving families,” said the Honourable Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing. “Our government is proud to be a partner in this project and we will continue to maximize our collective efforts to deliver affordable housing and help low-income families get on the path to financial stability.”

Habitat for Humanity can only build homes because of our supporters. The supporters of these five dedicated Habitat homes at Carter Place are the Government of Alberta, the City of Edmonton, the Kristie Charitable Foundation, Nearctic, Strathearn Heights, TELUS, and the Law Build in memory of the late Jean McBean, Q.C.


Pacesetter Homes, a Qualico company, presented a family with keys to the first-ever Habitat home in Devon.

Devon, Alberta – Luke, Kaliska, and her four children proudly received keys to their Habitat home in Devon, the first-ever Habitat home in the community. The home ownership opportunity was made possible through a generous donation by Pacesetter Homes, a Qualico company. This home was the sixth home donation to come through a Qualico company since the beginning of the Habitat Day in the Capital Region initiative.

“Pacesetter Homes, with support from its parent company Qualico, is honored to be providing a new home to a well deserving family,” said Lloyd Dumonceaux, Vice President, Pacesetter Homes. “The opportunity to give back to the community through Habitat for Humanity is very special to our company and to our staff. It is an wonderful feeling knowing that the assistance provided today will positively impact an entire family’s future. It is also extraordinary to have a family move into one of our beautiful Pacesetter homes in the South Ravines of Devon, a Qualico neighborhood.”

We look forward to welcoming this new Habitat family and are excited to give them a place that will become their new home. “Habitat is overjoyed to extend our affordable home ownership program into the community of Devon,” said Karen Stone, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. “We are indebted to Pacesetter Homes, Qualico, and the Leduc Regional Housing Foundation for making this home a reality. Now Luke and Kaliska and their children have the potential now for a successful future with a solid home foundation.”

It takes many community partners to make affordable home ownership accessible to our communities. The Government of Alberta has been a strong supporter of Habitat since 2005, and has made it possible for many Albertans to access affordable home ownership through the Habitat program.

This home is the first-ever Habitat home in the Town of Devon. It is a proud day for the community.

“I am very excited to see Devon becoming a part of the Habitat for Humanity program with this new affordable housing opportunity,” said Mayor Ray Ralph, Town of Devon. “I was the Town of Devon’s board representative on the Leduc Regional Housing Foundation when we as a board made the decision to work with this group to open up affordable housing opportunities for our residents and it’s amazing to see this come around full circle to benefit the region.”

The Leduc Regional Housing Foundation also was a major donor toward this home and many other Habitat initiatives in Leduc County.

“Leduc Regional Housing Foundation is very excited to have another partnership with Habitat for Humanity and a local builder, Pacesetter Homes, come to fruition in the Leduc Region,” said Kelly-Lynn Lewis, Vice-Chair, Leduc Regional Housing Foundation. “We are thrilled that our fifth partnership with Habitat for Humanity has resulted in an affordable home ownership opportunity for a family in the Town of Devon.”

Habitat thanks Pacesetter Homes, Qualico, and the Leduc Regional Housing Foundation for supporting this Habitat for Humanity project. Their generosity will help Luke and Kaliska and their family to achieve strength, stability, and independence through affordable home ownership.



Grande Prairie girl is runner-up in Meaning of Home contest.

Julia from Grande Prairie was selected as a runner-up of Genworth Canada‘s Meaning of Home contest! She wrote about what “home” means in her piece entitled “Home is where the Heart is” (you can read it in the photo below). Julia chose Habitat Edmonton as the recipient of a $5,000 grant (Habitat Edmonton builds in Grande Prairie), and enjoyed a Pizza Party today with her classmates!
Thanks very much Julia, and congratulations!

The 8th Annual Interfaith Works Project is now complete!

A special thank you to all of the participants of the 8th Annual Interfaith Works Project! We had 19 different faith communities participate, and volunteers gave a total of 433 volunteer shifts! WOW! We’re so incredibly thankful.

Below are a few photos of the ceremony – and we look forward to joining hands with you throughout the summer and into the 9th Annual Interfaith Works Project!


Six families in Edmonton become homeowners thanks to Habitat for Humanity and supporters.

CARTER PLACE, EDMONTON – Six families received keys to their Habitat homes at Carter Place, a Habitat development in Edmonton’s Laurel community. Habitat’s newest homeowners will join the 33 families already at home in the development and will be paying an affordable mortgage, with payments that do not exceed 25 percent of their income. Carter Place was named in honour of former US President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter, who visited to help with the build in 2017.

“Spring is the perfect season for our partner families to move into their Habitat home,” said Karen Stone, President & CEO, Habitat Edmonton. “Springtime is full of new beginnings, and today it is a new beginning for our families who are starting a new chapter in their lives. Each of our families receiving a key today has worked hard to become a homeowner by contributing 500 hours on a build site or in a ReStore.”

The Government of Alberta has been a supporter of Habitat Edmonton’s work in the province and was a supporter of the 2017 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, and have supported Habitat Edmonton since 2005.

“I am so happy for the families receiving the keys to their new homes today,” said the Honourable Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing. “This celebration is an example of Albertans’ can-do spirit and what’s possible when government supports civil society organizations to make life better for all of us. Welcome home!”

The City of Edmonton continues to support Habitat Edmonton’s work for local families and was also a supporter of the Carter Work Project and Mayor Iveson, City Councillors and staff built alongside families.

“Safe, affordable housing is a critical need and everyone deserves a place to call home,” said Mayor Don Iveson, City of Edmonton. “These additions to Carter Place welcome hard working families who can now call the community home and I’m so pleased that the Edmonton Metro Region was part of making that a reality for them.”

Habitat Edmonton thanks everyone involved in helping local families achieve strength, stability, and independence through affordable home ownership. The major donors towards these six homes were:

  • Alberta Forest Products Association
  • Bill & Paulette Winter
  • City of Edmonton
  • Dentons Canada LLP
  • The Fargey Family
  • Florform Countertops
  • Government of Alberta
  • Insight Insurance


Volunteer Appreciation Night – Recognizing the Accomplishments of 2018

What an amazing night! Our volunteers are incredible and we are blessed that they continue to choose to spend their time with Habitat for Humanity. Below are the awards and some photos from the night.

150+ Hours of Service in 2018

These awards were presented by Chris Bruce (Vice Chair, Board of Directors) and Karen Stone (President & CEO).

Recipients: Allan Byer, Bernie Gerbrandt, Bob Atlee, Bruno Enderlin, Calvin Byers, Candace Callaway, Clark Bertagnolli, Cynthia Davis, Darrell Gagne, Dave Taschuk, David DeLisle, David Wangler, Don Neufeld, Edgar Wierstra, Elaine Wagner, Fred Coffey, Gary Gordey, Gaston Van Den Bosch, Gerry Borle, Glenda Wyatt, Grant Halliday, Hank Fast, Hillary Harrison, Horst Depner, Ian MacDonald, Jack McLean, Jack John Lee, Jerry Derejko, Jim Matheson, Jim  Lesjak, Joe Biggeman, John Renfree, John Kendall, Judy Paynter, Kathryn Morris, Kristian  Arnault, Lina Liew, Margolee Horn, Mariam Djalili, Marjorie Keay, Marty Clark, Merle Morrisseau, Mike DeLong, Neil Calhoun, Neil Watkins, Norm Krahn, Orest Myckan, Oryssia Lennie, Oscar Johnston, Patrick Robertson, Peter Mickelsen, Peter Malcolm, Peter Johnston, Rick Delorme, Rizal Vega, Robert Lloyd, Ron Leaf, Ryan Caruso, Sam Yurkiw, Sheila Scrutton, Spencer Potts, Steve Waite, Ted McClung, Terry Chantler, Tom De Beyer, Wayne Hawker, and Yaseen El-Hakim.

3-Years of Volunteer Service

These awards were presented by Chris Bruce (Vice Chair, Board of Directors) and Karen Stone (President & CEO).

Recipients: Gary Gordey, Joe Biggeman, and Janet Yoneda (Laurie Watson and Ryan Caruso in absentia).


5-Years of Volunteer Service

Recipients: Karl Roessler, and Mariam Djalili (Sam Kelly in absentia).

10-Years of Volunteer Service

These awards were presented by Chris Bruce (Vice Chair, Board of Directors) and Karen Stone (President & CEO).

Recipients: Terry Chantler and Neil Watkins

Special Contribution Awards

The award was presented by Chris Bruce (Vice Chair, Board of Directors), and Kristian Arnault (Construction Manager), and Karen Stone (President & CEO).

Recipient: Nisha Handa.

Nisha began in May of 2018 at the Carter Place build site. She volunteers every Friday and has welcomed literally hundreds of new volunteers, helping them to feel welcome, find their gear and get signed in. Nisha is always friendly and full of positive energy. She helps everything run smoothly – from getting the volunteers ready in time for orientation, to helping them to navigate those complicated vests to help the site staff start their day smoothly.

The award was presented by Chris Bruce (Vice Chair, Board of Directors), Lynn-Marie MacDonald (Lunch Coordinator), and Karen Stone (President & CEO).

Recipient: Minchau Childcare & Out of School Care.

Once a month, Minchau Childcare and Out of School Care hold a staff team-building event to make lunch for our volunteers. For the past nine months, the people from Minchau have come once a month, quietly dropping off a delicious meal for everyone and then leaving. They’ve left an impression because I have heard specifically from people how much they have enjoyed their meal.


Group Volunteer Award

The award was presented by Chris Bruce (Vice Chair, Board of Directors), ReStore Managers, and Karen Stone (President & CEO).

Recipient: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

LDS has been involved with Habitat for the past five years and they have made an extraordinary contributions, specifically at our Restores. These young people come with a heart to serve. They bring laughter, they bring enthusiasm, and they work hard.  LDS has sent nearly 300 people to help us since 2013 and these volunteers generally volunteer several times. Every week 28 young people come out to volunteer for ReStore for a half day. They are organized so that each store gets four full shifts of volunteers.


The Chuck Ziegler ReStore Award of Excellence

(The award is named in memory of Chuck Ziegler, a longtime ReStore volunteer who exemplified excellence in volunteerism at the ReStore).

The award was presented by Chris Bruce (Vice Chair, Board of Directors), Chris Gibson (Director of ReStore Operations), and Karen Stone (President & CEO).

Recipient: Horst Depner.

Horst was instrumental in helping start the first ReStore in Edmonton, and then envision a larger location. He had the vision to acquire our current property and was able to negotiate trading the former ReStore and obtaining a significant donation to help make that happen. Horst became the project manager at 8210 Yellowhead Trail (Habitat Centre). 

Horst has a long history with Habitat and was instrumental in setting up the north AND the east ReStores. He is now a regular volunteer at ReStore South, and specializes in fixing all things electrical and electronic (and has contributed nearly 400 hours at the store!). We are very pleased that Horst Depner has received the Chuck Ziegler ReStore Award of Excellence!



The Construction Award of Excellence

Recipient: John Kendall (in absentia).

John has a great work ethic, is humorous, always smiling, and knowledgeable. He is a crew leader who began volunteering with Habitat in 2011. Since that time John has contributed over 2,400 hours. He is fast and accurate framer who leads crews in our Prefab Shop. John is an ambassador for Habitat, and he has a tremendous amount of patience – he takes the time to teach new volunteers how to perform tasks properly and safely. We are so pleased that John has received our Construction Award of Excellence.


The Don Neufeld Outstanding Volunteer Award

The award was presented by Chris Bruce (Vice Chair, Board of Directors), Don Neufeld (award namesake), and Karen Stone (President & CEO).

Recipient: Oryssia Lennie.

Oryssia is humble, yet she has a long list of accomplishments, honours, and awards (such as the Order of Canada). She is strategic and compassionate; a leader who has shared her wisdom and expertise to a wide array of boards. In 2012, we were extremely fortunate to have Oryssia join our Board of Directors. Her contributions helped Habitat grow to be the largest Habitat in Canada.

Oryssia was Chair of Habitat Edmonton’s board of directors from 2016 to 2018, and she was instrumental in setting the stage for the future – including the 2017 Jimmy & Rosalynn Work Project. During her 7 year tenure on the board, there were very few Habitat events that Oryssia had to miss – she is very dedicated to Habitat’s mission and took every opportunity to share Habitat with others and to ensure that they understood how our program works. We are very pleased that Oryssia is the recipient of the Don Neufeld Outstanding Volunteer Award.