Partnerships & Public Offerings

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton is proud to have many strong partnerships in our community.


Alberta Job Corps. This partnership has resulted in ongoing volunteer help at our ReStores and at our Prefab Shop. Participants gain skills and workplace experience that can be used to increase their employ-ability.

Capital Region Interfaith Housing Initiative. CRIHI helps to mobilize the Edmonton’s faith communities to work together and to transcend differences by volunteering with Habitat for a 3-month period (annually). This initiative is called the Interfaith Works Project. This partnership results in hundreds of volunteers every year.

Catholic Social Services Immigration & Settlement Services. Students individually spend 80 – 144 hours with Habitat to gain Canadian work experience.

CDI College. Habitat provides some CDI students with a practicum in office work.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. LDS volunteers partner with Habitat to provide service to others, and contribute the majority of their time at ReStores. Hundreds of LDS volunteers have partnered with Habitat, totaling a minimum of 16 shifts per week.

City of Edmonton. Habitat is tailoring a Tool Training workshop for City of Edmonton employees.

Department of National Defense. Habitat receives the occasional internships for an apprentice, and also receives group volunteers from the Department of National Defense.

Edmonton Women’s Institution. This partnership has resulted in women volunteering at the Prefab Shop on a weekly basis. The women from the Institution gain skills while serving the community.

Goodwill. Habitat places some volunteers with disabilities with meaningful volunteer work at Habitat sites.

Lokken College. Habitat provides some of their students with practicum experience for students in office work.

MacEwan University

  • Marketing Program. On an annual basis close to 40 students gain marketing experience gathering real-need marketing plans that Habitat may use to recruit volunteers.
  • Sociology. This student-led partnership helps students gain exposure to the volunteer recruitment needs of a charitable organization. Approximately three students per year participate.

NAIT. Habitat has partnered with various departments on an annual basis:

  • Environmental Design Technology. Close to 200 students per year gain exposure to a real construction site, a safety program, various tools and stages of construction at the Habitat build site and Prefab facility.
  • Occupational Health & Safety. Close to 30 students per year gain experience with toolbox talks and site inspections, and also experience what it is like to be a worker, whom they will eventually be coaching, to work safely.
  • Construction Engineering Technology. Close to 60 students per year gain experience on a job site, exposure to a safety program, and identify building materials and stages of construction that are relevant to their studies. Students are given the opportunity to question site superintendents about construction, leadership, etc.
  • Leadership Course. Students contact Habitat to complete 10-hours for their leadership course. This partnership is student-led and Habitat partners with approximately 10 students per year.
  • Millwork and Carpentry. Students are offered a practicum placement in which they will complete 120 hours of volunteer work on a construction site. Although currently small, this partnership is developing and growing.

Norquest College. Habitat provides a training component as part of Norquest’s pre-apprenticeship program to prepare students to write their apprenticeship exam. This is a course for which Habitat provides: Tool Training and Paint Workshops and six weeks of onsite work.

Robertson College. Habitat provides some of their students with practicum experience for students in office work.

Tradewinds for Success. This Indigenous program helps to train people for the trades. There are approximately 140 trades pre-apprentice students that Habitat serves annually. Participants gain exposure to a real construction site, a safety program, various tools and stages of construction, and valuable work experience.

University of Alberta: Students for Habitat. Students for Habitat is a non-profit University of Alberta student group that is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity Edmonton. As a student’s group, Students for Habitat strives to improve awareness for Habitat for Humanity Edmonton across the University of Alberta campus while promoting their core values of integrity, collaboration, and teamwork.

Public Offerings

*Please note that Workshops are currently on hold due to COVID-19. 

Work Experience. Habitat’s Work Experience program is ongoing and requires that participants commit to a minimum of 10-shifts at a construction site or in a ReStore (retail setting). Nearly 100 people participate each year. Students gain a Canadian work experience, hone their skills, build their resume, work toward returning to the workforce, or gain a valuable reference.

Community Service Facilitation. This partnership provides Habitat with several thousand volunteer hours on a year basis. Participants complete their court-ordered (mandated) hours while experiencing a community joining forces to improve life for others.

Tool Training and Paint Workshops. These workshops appeal to volunteers who are new to construction sites and retail (and Habitat!) and to community members who want to learn new skills. Habitat has several hundred participants per year. (There is a $20 cost to cover materials).